Umbraco certification courses in Poland

Best practices, useful tips and tricks, and a whole heap of other information to get you up and running with Umbraco in no time at all!

Umbraco Certifications with The Cogworks

Umbraco certification titles show that you’ve reached certain levels with your Umbraco skills.

By completing certifications you can ensure your work with Umbraco is more efficient, as well as attracting clients and furthering your personal skillset.

Each of the three levels guarantee your Umbraco abilities, with the highest level being the Umbraco Certified Master.

More info on official Umbraco site 


  • Umbraco Fundamentals
  • Umbraco, MVC and Visual Studio training
  • Umbraco Application Integration
  • Extending the Umbraco Backoffice training
  • Searching and Indexing with Examine